Starting out

I’m very new to blogging but I felt it was important to share my experiences and feelings with others so that maybe in the difficult times of grief they won’t feel as lost or weird or like they are grieving wrong.

This blog will be my personal experiences and thoughts from the grieving process.  My father passed away unexpectedly in 2013, right after Christmas.  My mother passed away unexpectedly in 2015.  After both deaths but more so after my mother’s death I searched for and read about grief and the process, but many times I found that what the articles or the books were talking about was not the process I was undergoing, which made me feel worst, like there was something wrong with me.  And as anyone who has gone through any kind of grieving can tell you the last thing you need while you are grieving is anything making it worst or making you doubt yourself!

Due to that horrible feeling, I decided I wanted to put something out there so that anyone else feeling the same way would know that they are not alone and that there is no right or correct way to grieve it is incredibly personal and everyone is on their own unique journey!

I am hoping this blog will end up being a collection of my experiences, thoughts, quotes, and images that I found or had along my journey that helped me.  Even at this point in my journey, I can tell you that I’m still grieving.


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